Firmware Engineer

Company Name:
Valleysoft Inc
In addition we require:
0 to 2 years of experience developing and debugging applications in an embedded system
Must have strong C or C++ programming skills
Must have strong understanding of digital logic and microprocessors
The following additional skills are a plus
Experience with a Real Time Operating System (RTOS)
Experience developing and debugging drivers for microcontroller peripherals and systems (e.g. I2c, SPI, serial,USB, Ethernet, EEPROM, custom ASICs, etc.)
Experience with debugging tools (logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, etc.)
Experience with communication networks and protocols (e.g. USB, Ethernet, TCP/IP, etc.) are also beneficial.
Experience with analog and digital video
Other Skills:
Must have strong written and verbal communication skills detail and be able to work in a team
Must be persistent, possess strong problem-solving skills, and be willing to work with others to find solutions that avoid project stalls
Must be responsible, self-motivated, creative, have a solid work ethic and have a desire to produce a quality product
Must have the ability to work in a fast moving environment
Must be able to work in the U.S. without sponsorship

Don't Be Fooled

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